Our bearing alloys are widely used in the process of casting full and multilayer bearings cast on cast iron, steel and bronzes. They work great wherever there are over-weight loads and the risk of deformation of the shaft.

Our alloys are perfect for the production of all kinds of plain bearings, working in transmissions, turbines, rolling mills and other electrical machines.

Bearing alloys are essential in heavy, shipbuilding, power and energy industries, as well as in the rail industry.

We produce many types of bearing alloys: SnSb12Cu6Pb (Polish name: L83), SnSb8Cu4 (L89), SnSb8Cu4Cd (L89L), PbSb15SnAS (L16), PbSb14Sn9CuAs (L10As), PbSb10Sn6 (L6) and many others on individual request.