Welcome to the CYNTOS s.c. website. We are dynamically developing producer of solder and white metal alloys. We specialize in the production of tin, lead and copper alloys with silver, antimony, zinc, bismuth, nickel, phosphorus, indium and arsenic. About the alloys of these metals we know almost everything. We always focus on quality that turnes into the satisfaction of our customers. We will be happy to join the circle of your suppliers.CYNTOS Team

Our laboratory is equipped with the latest generation of SPECTROMAXx optical emission spectrometer. Thus we have the most modern equipment infrastructure at the background of domestic competition.

In the interests of the highest quality of our services, we have implemented and apply Integrated System of Quality Management and Environmental Management conformable with the requirements of the standards PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 / PN-EN ISO 14001:2015. Check certificate…


Bearing alloys

We produce all types of bearing alloys. Our alloys are widely used in the process of casting full and multilayer bearings cast on cast iron, steel and bronzes. They work great wherever there are over-weight loads and the risk of deformation of the shaft.

Antimony alloys

Our lead-antimony alloys (so-called hard alloys or printing alloys) are used as a material for cable sheathing, in the manufacture of batteries and insulators, shooting of shotgun pellets, etc. Their undeniable advantage is the low melting point, while at the same time ease of filling the mold.

Tin-lead rods

Sn-Pb alloys produced by us are soft binders, used mainly in the construction and electrical engineering industry but also in machinery. The most popular and typical are bicomponent alloys containing 30 – 90% tin.

Unleaded rods

Our lead-free tin solders are used in construction, electrical and electrical engineering. These are typically tin alloys – silver – copper, tin – copper and tin – silver. They are used wherever the presence of lead in the alloy is prohibited or unwanted.

Car bodies tin plating rods

Alloy made with the utmost care according to German standards. Unlike two-component tin-lead alloys, our product contains antimony, which increases material’s castability (easier to apply), but at the same time after congealment it cures the alloy to make it more durable.

Stained glass rods

Especially for stained glass manufacturers we produce tin-lead rods with dimensions smaller than standard LC60 rods, so that they fit in soldering tools. Our rods have the dimensions of a triangle with sides 7 – 9mm and length of about 430mm. One bar weighs about 170gr.

Refining and recovery

We specialize in the refining of all kinds of waste such as shavings, scum, scraps, beakers, etc., while recovering their original chemical composition in accordance with applicable standards. This material can be reused by the customer as a full-value, identical as original alloy.

Chemical analysis

In the matter of chemical analysis we closely cooperate with the Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals in Gliwice. That is why offer to our clients (and not only) professional chemical analyzes at very reasonable prices. We do not experiment with little-known laboratories, we focus primarily on quality.

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We produce all possible tin, lead and copper alloys including bearing alloys, antimony alloys (printing alloys), lead free (Pb Free) alloys. Every day the gates of our foundry leave the rods for the roofers, the car bodies tin, tin for stained glass, alloys for electronics and electrical engineering. Our services are used by the manufacturers of fishing and car weights, shotgun makers and manufacturers of electric cable covers. Our SnSb12Cu6Pb alloy successfully uses rolling stock repair centers.